Sv Media – Getting Started- Our First Semester

Year 1. First off, Kudos to Mrs. Roberts and Mrs. Dalton who started using ipad video with their junior high classes to highlight student of the week.  It was so exciting to see media in school I weaseled my way in, I did have the greenscreen... We got approval to purchase equipment.  2 Canon G40 … Continue reading Sv Media – Getting Started- Our First Semester


We’re almost to the end of the grading period and we haven’t ran away screaming…

What has happened since we’ve last met? First of all, School.  It’s been a whirlwind of a start of the year.  I finally feel as though I’m hitting my flow state, everything prior to this week seems a jumbled mess.  I hope you’re finding your groove too. Now for some updates: Google Classroom: You can … Continue reading We’re almost to the end of the grading period and we haven’t ran away screaming…

“Boys are not sitting down animals.”

“Boys are not sitting down animals.” -Lord Baden Powell, Founder of the Boy Scouts When did school become a sitting activity?  Who decided learning happens best on our butts?   Are chairs convenient for the school to maintain order?   Was our method born from trying to create order to maximize learning in the smallest … Continue reading “Boys are not sitting down animals.”

Springs Valley Social Media Policy Part 1

In May, the Springs Valley School board adopted a Social Media Policy.   HERE is a link to the folder with all the official forms.  I’ve made a cheat-sheet here.  But I’ll discuss main points and add some color commentary. School Social Media accounts, well, there is a lot of them.  See THIS blog post … Continue reading Springs Valley Social Media Policy Part 1

How to Use a Google Drawing

Google drawings are one of the most versatile tools.  I use them all of the time in my classroom.  Everything in the picture below is a google drawing. All of the posters in my classroom are google drawings.  The backgrounds can be changed and resized to cover the entire page.  Shapes can be typed on and … Continue reading How to Use a Google Drawing

Stay Connected with Blackhawk Nation!

Stay Connected to Blackhawk Nation Listed are #’s and social media accounts that I currently know about!  If you know more, let me know and I will update our list! Instagram: springsvalley - Springs Valley HS sv_blackhawks_nhs _Springs_Valley_Students SVyearbook15 SVcheerleaders SV_colorguard Springs Valley Elementary School Twitter: @Svblackhawk @sv_BeNice - Not school ran @SVBrigade @_HawkGolf @SpringsValleyHS … Continue reading Stay Connected with Blackhawk Nation!

Basic Google/Internet Terminology

With Learning any new medium, the first barrier to overcome is vocabulary.  Once you understand the vocabulary, then we can speak the same language. Here are some important Google Terminology: Chrome: Google’s web explorer.  Use this for Google Drive and Apps! Internet Explorer: Microsoft’s Web explorer, doesn’t work as well with Google Browser:  Both Chrome … Continue reading Basic Google/Internet Terminology