Middle School Student of the Week- Behind the scenes


Our Middle School Student of the Week is a work in progress.  The students were super excited and ready to get started with filming immediately.  Without their constant harassment, I would still be planning.

We started by having the students apply for on-air positions and the film crew.  The first week was rough.  Week 1 began with only 25 minutes during homeroom to film six different interviews.  A group of 8th graders went to work and started interviewing the Students of the Week.  I gave them an iPad and some chairs in the conference room and told them to go to work.


For our Week 2 interviews, we upgraded to a green screen (which came in the morning we filmed).  If you are lost right now, a green background allows our students to replace the screen with a fun image or video.  We ran into difficulties with not being able to purchase the fun green screen apps in time.  So, after all of the headache, the background is still green.  But, there is hope.


Week 3 just ended.  The chaos and madness of each filming session changes in dynamic and adds a new level of craziness.  This week the 6th grade interviewers and film crew were added in with the 8th graders.  We also added a studio light to our set-up this week.  Due to other commitments, I had to step out for a few minutes and the students had to take over.  They stepped up and got things done.  The only problem was that our light is down for the count because it was top heavy and a student accidentally let it go.  Oh, and we learned that green shirts will blend in with the background and make you invisible.  🙂


For the first time, we also gave up video editing and it was completely student ran this week.  Our students have had some great ideas and we are beginning to implement them.  I am excited to see how the students grow throughout the rest of the year.  Stay tuned as we learn from our mistakes!


2 thoughts on “Middle School Student of the Week- Behind the scenes

  1. I think it is great that the students are getting the chance to witness and participate in the process of visual media. Allowing them to see the struggles and mistakes that can be made will help them to learn problem-solving skills. Sounds fun!


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