#InspireSVHS: how it got started

“You Can’t Send My Grandkids to Valley!”

A few years ago, we were looking for a home in valley.  Our growing family was (and is) outgrowing our current house.  We were actively hunting houses in The Springs Valley region and  I was eager to have our 4 kids enter our school system.  We were doing great things, our band was a perennial contender for the state title, Sea Perch was becoming a powerhouse contender at local and national events.  Our Istep scores have been top in county and top in our region, Springs Valley was (and still is) the place to be.

I mentioned that we were looking for a house in the Springs Valley School District to my Mom-in-law and her response was a shocked “You can’t send my grandkids to Valley!”  Needless to say, I was stunned a bit.  I thought we had a good school.

Shortly after this event a few of us attended the Google Summit in Greenwood.  Google summit is a weekend event based around Google, Tech, and Ed.  We heard a lot about great schools and how they were getting the word out.  So on the long drive back Jesse Roberts and I discussed how to increase the buzz about the blackhawks.  A hashtag was needed.

A few days later Jess brought up the idea of using a part our school’s mission, “Inspire.”  So after some googling, because you need to make sure the # you’re going to create isn’t already used by another group.  And we started #InspireSVHS.

I immediately took #InspireSVHS to my biology class and told them the story behind “You Can’t send my grandkids to Valley!”  Then we discussed what we were doing and why our school had a negative vibe across the county.  We discussed how when we complained about our schools to parents and friends it reflected on all of us.  After an inspired discussion, one student looked up and said “I just created a facebook group, #InspireSVHS, I need to make you an admin.”  A few minutes later, students created an instagram, and a few minutes after that a student had made a twitter account.


#InspireSVHS is a response to the negative viewpoints some hold towards our school.  


As the buzz around #inspireSVHS picked up, the elementary wanted in on the fun, so #InspireSVCS was created.


As of now instagram has 200+ #inspireSVHS posts and #inspireSVCS has 167.  

On twitter, you can find @svblackhawk and #inspireSVHS posts dating back to the start, 4/13/15.  

The #InspireSVHS facebook group has 680+ members.


You can help out too! As you post on social media, #InspireSVCS or #InspireSVHS (or both) and consider sharing your posts to the #InspireSVHS Facebook page.


What happens since #inspireSVHS was created:

Our school remains at the top of regional Istep scores.  

Our Band won State, again!

Our JV Boys basketball team went undefeated.  

Our Girls Basketball team had a 24-1 record with a perfect 21-0 season!

Sea Perch won the National Competition in the High School Division!

(I’m sure there is more to add to this list, so send it to me and I’ll update it!)


Slowly and surely,

Spread the word.

#InspireSVHS #InspireSVCS


Mr. G
Follow me on: instagram @chad_g77 and @sv_blackhawks_NHS,  Twitter @PoppaG77 and @svblackhawk, Snapchat @chadg77, or join our Slack Channel svblackhawks.slack.com find my website at https://sites.google.com/a/svalley.k12.in.us/science-goldman/


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