Basic Google/Internet Terminology

With Learning any new medium, the first barrier to overcome is vocabulary.  Once you understand the vocabulary, then we can speak the same language.

Here are some important Google Terminology:

Chrome: Google’s web explorer.  Use this for Google Drive and Apps!

Internet Explorer: Microsoft’s Web explorer, doesn’t work as well with Google

Browser:  Both Chrome and Internet Explorer are Browsers, they help you navigate the internet.  There are others including firefox and safari

Drive: Google’s Online storage of information is called drive.  

Hard Drive: Your desktop or laptop has a storage sysem it is called a hard drive

Omni Bar:  The omnibar is what google calls the bar that you type in your searches or internet address.  The OMNI is because it can do So many actions!  You do not have to go to Google to start a search the omni bar is also a search bar.  You can customize it, for example, I hit YOU  and I search Youtube, I press A and I search amazon.  You can still type in the words: or to go directly to that website.   You should also look at the Omnibar when you are surfing the web or clicking on a link from email to make sure you are not going to a bad website.

Hyperlink: A hyperlink is a word or image that you can click on that will take you to a webpage or document.  Hyperlinks are almost always underlined like this: Springs Valley HS

URL: The Address of a WWW webpage.  (Uniform resource locator)

http://   https:// – This precedes the URL address.  The “s” stands for secure.  (Hypertext transfer protocol)

Chrome Web Store: Similar to Apple’s itunes, or the app stores on your phone, this allows you to install features directly into your chrome browser

Google Apps: Google apps can be installed from the Chrome Web store- this can be anything from productivity to games.  Google apps are also Docs, Sheets, Drawings, Forms, and Sites.

Extension: extensions are special apps for google chrome, they appear to the right of the omnibar and allow quick access and tricks.  Extensions may be your Google Classroom extension

Themes: Google allows you to install themes to your Chromebook, these are fun, but not necessary

GAFE/Gsuite for Education: Google Apps For Education – Google’s tools for education including Drawings, Docs, Sheets, Forms

Add-on:  Within Google apps, like Docs or Sheets, you can apply Add-on’s.  Add-ons will allow greater flexibility and power to the google app.  Doctopus, Goobric, and Autocrat are add-ons.

Google Certified: Google has a process that allows teachers to be Google Certified

Embed:  To place files into your google website, (your google site)

Citation: Same as english paper citations.

# – Hashtag, #’s make searchable keywords.  Go to instagram or twitter and search #inspireSVCS,  #canalsobefunandnotreallymeananything


Mr. G

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